Revelation 12:16
Revelation 12, Page 18

Bible, KJV Translation
12:16  And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

Re-evaluation Translation
12:16  12:16  Restored Israel aided those who have not yet yielded to Yehuveh; they eagerly accepted Yehuveh’s wisdom, casting out the lies of the dragon-system.

Significant Words and Comments:
Commentary on Revelation 12:16 (1 March 2008):  As in the previous verse, the word order here is significantly different in the Greek and yields quite a different reading to this verse. In Greek it reads: “And helped [G0997] the earth [G1093] the woman [G1135], and opened [G0445] the earth [G1093] the mouth [G4750] of it [G0848] and swallowed [G2666] the river [G4215] which [G3739] cast [G0906] the dragon [G1404] out of [G1537] the mouth [G4750] of him [G0848].” In this structure, it is the woman who helps the earth, in that restored Israel is speaking life-changing wisdom and the uncommitted of the world eagerly accept it. With this wisdom the uncommitted people reject the corrupt teachings of the dragon!
“Helped,” from boetheo [G0997], meaning “to help, succour, bring aid,” is used only here in Revelation. Thayer adds: “to run to the cry of.” “The earth,” the people not yet committed to Yehuveh, as discussed in notes on Revelation 5:13. “The woman,” restored Israel as they arise, as noted by Revelation 12:4.
“Swallowed up,” from katapino [G2666], meaning “to drink down, swallow down; to devour; to swallow up, consume, destroy,” is used only here in Revelation. In this context, the people of the world who have not yet made a commitment to Yehuveh are eagerly accepting the wisdom spoken by the restored Israel instructors. Taking it in, they are believing it, making it their own.
“The flood,” Yehuveh’s “flow of peace, blessing, and prosperity,” as noted in discussion of Revelation 8:10. “Cast out,” here is from G0906: ballo, meaning “to throw, throw down, or pour out.” See notes on Revelation 4:10. “The dragon,” the global socio-economic system now in power in the world. See notes on Revelation 12:3. “Of his mouth.” in context is “from the mouth [communication] of it [the dragon].”

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:               1 March 2008
Latest Update:                   31 May 2008

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