Daniel: Significant Events in
the Six Years of Returning
Daniel 11:1b
Daniel 11:1, Page 2

Re-evaluation Translation:
Repeating) Daniel 11:1  In the first Year of Returning (Darius) to our pure freedom, the Iranian leader [Mahmoud Ahmadinejad] stood up defiantly to defend himself.

Bible, KJV Translation:
Repeating) Daniel 11:1  Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede, even I, stood to confirm and to strengthen him.

Significant Words and Comments:

Signifiicant Words in Daniel 11:1 continued (1 November 2007): 
Year is from shaneh [from James Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary entry H8141, from the root verb H8138] and simply means “a revolution of time.” As discussed in notes on Revelation 20:2, a revolution of time may be a day (earth rotates once), a month (moon revolves around the earth once), or a year (earth revolves around the sun once), depending on the focus. As noted there, shaneh is from a root meaning “sleep” and may, therefore, rightly apply to a single day in which one has a time for sleeping. However this context further defines this as “the first year of Darius,” designation of the first year in a specific sequence which Revelation clearly describes as seven years appointed for humanity to return to Yehuveh.
seven Years of Restoring Yehuveh’s kingdom on earth are comprised of six Years of Returning (Darius), spanning 10 April 2005 to 4 April 2011, plus the Sabbatical Year of rest, the seven years extending from 5 April 2005 to 22 March 2012.
Shaneh is used but four times in Daniel 11-12 [11:1, 6, 8, 13], but also once in Micah [6:6], three times in Haggai [1:1, 15; 2:10], eight times in Zechariah [1:1, 7, 12; 7:1, 3, 5; 14:16 (twice)], and once in Malachi [3:4].
        The determination of and significance of these years are fully documented and explained in
the Historical Calendars section and delineated in detail at the Estimated Sabbaths pages.

First, from ’echad [H0259/H0258], can indicated unity, singularity, or sequence. ’Echad is used as the ordinal, first, only 34 times of its 869 uses (less than 4 percent of the uses). ’Echad is elsewhere translated one (almost 80 percent of the time), other/another, any, each, some, few, only, and alone. Used in connection with year, this clearly designates the first year in a sequence, which Revelation identifies under the designation of the seven years (mistranslated churches) introduced in Revelation 1:4. In Daniel 11-12, ’echad is used five times in Daniel 11:1, 20, 27; 12:5 (twice). Also see notes on Zechariah 3:9.

       Since this is described as
“the first year of Darius,” who is Darius? According to James Strong, Darius is transliterated directly from the Hebrew word Darejavesh [H1867, only used here in Daniel 11-12]. Darius is a title (rather than name) of several Persian kings. From history we know of at least three Persian rulers called Darius (I, II, III), but identifying any one of these historical figures and the time in which he lived and reigned does not suffice to open this prophecy.
        As written in Hebrew
Darius or Darejavesh, is a compound word with several possibile meanings which Strong has not investigated. Dare is potentially from an unused Hebrew root meaning to move rapidly, which gives rise to derowr [H1865, meaning liberty, freedom, purity] and dar [H1858, meaning white]; javesh is potentially from the primary root verb shuwb [H7725], meaning “to turn back (or away, possibly to the starting point) [meaning again, retreat, repeat, recall, recover, refresh, relieve, repent, restore, return, withdraw]. Thus, when these pieces are combined, Darius has the significance to return to freedom, to restore the original purity.” From Daniel 9:27 this is the first year of of seven during which Yehuveh’s people will diligently seek to restore their unity with Him, the years during which “He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.” As noted above, this is the seven year period described by Revelation 1:4 (mistranslated “seven churches”).

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:               1 November 2007
Latest Update:                   10 October 2011

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