Summary: Daniel 11:1-5

Daniel Describes Significant Events of the
Six Years of Returning

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The Frame: When and Who
1  “In the first Year of Returning to our pure freedom (Darius), from 10 April 2005 to 29 March 2006, the Iranian leader stood up defiantly to defend himself. [Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, assumed office on 6 August 2005, the first day of the fifth month, firm and openly defiant.]  [Yehuveh, in  this first sentence clearly presents the time frame of this vision, and introduces the first player, as a second confirmation of the timing.]  2  At this time your confidence in Yehuveh will make you stand out or will draw you out of the mainstream.  See still more, [in the] third [Year of Returning20 March 2007 to 6 April 2008] powerful leaders will stand up in  Persia [Iran] and [in the] fourth [Year of Returning7 April 2008 to 26 March 2009] growing increasingly insolent and vehement because of his wealth, he [Mahmoud Ahmadinejad] stirs up [awakens] the whole realm of Javan [the nations of Asia and much of Europe, including much of Russia, and portions of Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and nearby lands; Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Korea, Japan, the Pacific Islands, and so many more].” Moving forward to the third and fourth Years of Returning, 2007-2009, Yehuveh further establishes the framework of global events which foundation this chapter, stating that now the whole realm of nations descended from Javan are drawn into the rising conflict.
3  “Another mighty sovereign [Kim Jong-il of North Korea also] increases in power and rules with great dominion and does as he wills.  4  And when he [Kim Jong-il] increases in power, his government will burst [send out pieces (people and/or missiles)] and will [by this very act] cut loose the four winds of the heavens [global warfare, famine, oppressive governments, and pestilence], but his offspring cannot govern with his authority, and the scorching [of responsive international nuclear attack] tears apart his government and infrastructure.” Now a second major player in  this drama is introduced.
5  “[Now] a [third] player, this time an international organization [the World Trade Organization (WTO)] is strengthened and elevates one of its high officials [Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the WTO from 1 September 2005] and rules with great and undisputed authority and global dominion.” With the third powerful player in place, Yehuveh is now ready to tell us what to anticipate as the year of indignation (Daniel 11:36; Isaiah 26:20-21) unfolds.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:               1 November 2007
Latest Update:                   26 August 2009

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