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Daniel Describes Significant Events of the
Six Years of Returning
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“The Time of the End”
        Starting with the
astronomical sign described in Revelation 12:1, 2, and 5 [a singular stellar event which occurred on 5 October 2005], Yehuveh began a 1260-day special instruction of His people while He set global conditions in place to bring down the dragon governments of this world and reinstate His kingdom.
        These events correlate with

                (1)  the beginning of
the final seven years of confirming “the covenant with many for one week”
the spring of 2005 to the spring of 2012]
                (2)  which completes the end of
the seventy-week prophecy [1513-2012] of Daniel 9:24-27 and
the six Years of Returning (Darius) described by Ezra, Daniel, Haggai, and Zechariah.
“the acceptable year of Yehuveh” [from the spring of 2008 to the spring of 2009] during
                        which the remnant of Israel are making their final decisions for or against Yehuveh;
the Sequestering Year [from 27 March 2009 to 16 March 2010, see Revelation 1:11] and
Establishing Year [from 17 March 2010 to 4 April 2011, see Revelation 1:11] during
                        which Yehuveh makes final preparations for the dramatic end-game; and
                (6)  the
Sabbatical Year [from 5 April 2011 to 22 March 2012] and indignation
“the great and terrible day of Yehuveh,” “the day of vengeance of our Elohim,”
Joel 2:31; Isaiah 61:1-2] after which all restored Israel is returned to their homeland,
                        the land long-ago given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and
                (7) the finishing
Jubilee Year [from 23 March 2012 to 9 April 2013] when liberty is
                        proclaimed to every captive and property is restored to its rightful owners.
“I will
                        multiply upon you
[“the land of Israel”] man and beast; and they shall increase and
                        bring fruit: and
I will settle you after your old estates, and will do better unto you than
                        at your beginnings: and you shall know that I am Yehuveh.”
Ezekiel 36:11 [6].

        This timeframe encompasses
“the time of the end” during which these two chapters of Daniel are to be opened. We now have enough of the pieces in place to understand very much of the description of what yet lies ahead. Without this framework of timed information, Daniel 11-12 can have no meaning. 
        Commentators have been discussing
Daniel for generations, teaching various applications and interpretations as suited their time and understanding. But if the book was shut up and sealed throughout these years, how can these interpretations be valuable for us at this time? Does it not seem urgent that we prayerfully re-examine the book of Daniel again and determine what it says for us now that we are in “the time of the end”?

Hebrew Language
        Because I believe the book of Daniel can and must be opened, not in the re-evaluation of the past translations and un-Scriptural guessing, but by prayerfully re-examining the original Hebrew language itself [in so far as we have access to it in this time],
I am not basing any of this evaluation on the standard translations. Rather, I have taken a careful look at the word order provided in a Hebrew and English Interlinear Bible and researched each word individually in Hebrew language resources: Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Brown, Driver, and Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon.
        I do not yet speak or write Hebrew, though I have learned much about the language structure and vocabulary. A readable
Hebrew Grammar is helpful in gaining a practical knowledge of basic Hebrew. A few simple insights into the language will be helpful here: 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:                 1 November 2007
Latest Update:                       9 October 2011

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