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Section III: A Matter of Belief
Article 1: Do You Know His Name?
             Does it matter what we call our Creator and Sovereign?
Article 2: Who is Elohim?
             "Seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of Elohim sent forth into all the earth."
Article 3: Yehuveh Will Reign over All the Earth
             What does it mean to you and me that "Yehuveh will reign over all the earth" ?
Article 4: Who Is Israel?
             Can we find and identify all twelve tribes of Israel at the present time?
Article 5: One Everlasting Covenant
             Is there really a new covenant? Was any covenant nailed to the cross?
6A: Emptying the Land
Article 6: When Yehuveh Turns Our Captivity
            What happens to Israel when Yehuveh gathers them again?
Article 7: Two Witnesses
             Can the two witnesses of Revelation 11 be positively identified now?
Article 8: What Happens When You Die?
             Will Scriptures support continued life after death? What can we expect?
Article 9: Are Spirits Good or Bad?
             Scriptures are clear that there are spirits. Are they good, bad, or some of each?
Article 10: Can We Expect a Rapture?
             Is the “safely-out-of-here” rapture going to be a reality according to Scriptures?
Article 11: Is Yehoshua to Come Again?
             Do Scriptures say He is coming in clouds with great glory and all the angels?
Article 12: Under Grace or Under Law?
             Can Yehuveh run a government without maintaining law? What is grace?
Article 13: Abundant in Goodness
             If Yehuveh is truly good, how can it lift us above suffering, pain and death?
Article 14: Choose Ye This Day
              Are you willing to serve Yehuveh when it requires dramatic changes in your life?
Article 15: New Testament--Truth or Myth?
             Is there harmony between the New Testament and Torah (the Old Testament)? 
Article 16: Who is Yehoshua (Jesus)?
             Does Torah (the Old Testament) support the coming of a Saviour?