Yehuveh’s  Solar-Lunar Calendar

Viewing time arranged in Yehuveh’s Solar-Lunar Calendar
will greatly assist us in returning to His Time System.

Let’s make
Yehuveh’s monthly time-keeping schedule our primary focus,
rather than simply writing His dates onto a Gregorian calendar and thus reinforcing the very system we are rejecting!

[Correctly identifying Yehuveh’s years, currently the six Years of Returning (Darius),
and understanding
His Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles will also help us embrace His Time System.]

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Yehuveh’s Calendar -- Printable Sheets
        Yehuveh’s time-keeping
is our priority, yet often we are simply writing His schedule onto the familiar and easily accessible Gregorian calendar under which we are still forced to live. To assist you in becoming familiar and comfortable with His time-keeping system while still living under the irregular Gregorian calendar, I am providing you calendar pages formatted as Yehuveh keeps time, presented in two forms:

A Written Solar-Lunar Calendar --  with the estimated Gregorian dates and named days
                                                                    presented for each day. Since the first day of each month
                                                                    must be observed and not reckoned, these estimates are
                                                                    subject to change if the observation of the crescent moon
                                                                    differs from the estimate.
A Blank Solar-Lunar Calendar --  where you can simply write the Gregorian date and named
                                                                    day in each box for each month as the month begins
                                                                    [that is, write
“1 November 2009 -- Friday” on the
                                                                    eighth month, fourteenth day for the fifth year of this
                                                                    Week in this Jubilee Cycle]. Note that the Sabbaths fall
approximately on the quarter phases of the moon. Study
                                                                    the estimated calendars if you are unsure how to fill in
                                                                    these blank calendar pages. 

        Because Yehuveh’s calendar is so consistent and so simple,
A SINGLE FORM can be used for every month. However, appointments [festivals, mo'edim] which He has made for the first, third, and seventh months make it nice to have individual calendar pages for each month.
        The first square [
Uncounted New Moon+] is for the additional New Moon Day when it is needed to syncronize the monthly sequence of days with the first crescent sighting of the moon [which occurs in roughly half the months]. It is simply crossed out when not needed. [Note that the final Sabbath and this additional New Moon Day are included with the New Moon day and counted together as the first day of the next month. Whereas Genesis 1 and 2 present the first six days as “the evening and the morning were the . . . day,” the Sabbath is never thus designated. Counted as a single day in Yehuveh’s count, the first Sabbath-New Moon of each month can be two or three evening-morning cycles as needed for calendar adjustment to syncronize the weekly counts and Sabbaths with the changing phases of the moon.]
        The estimated lunar-monthly
dates for 2005 through 2012 are accessable below and provide the information behind the estimated calendar pages. These calculations are based on a computer assessment of the first crescent moon sighting from Jerusalem. They are quite accurate, yet Yehuveh wants us to keep time by observation, not by calculating or reckoning. Therefore all this information is to be considered preliminary, and at the beginning of each month the following four weeks are to be adjusted to the actual visible observations.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:      26 October 2007
Latest Update:              1 November 2009

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