Section II: Appendix H

Yehuveh’s Time-keeping System:
Estimated Sabbath Schedule for
The Jubilee Year of Liberty:

“From one New Moon to another,
and from one Sabbath to another,
shall all flesh come to worship before Me,
saith Yehuveh.”
Isaiah 66:23.

he transition from the now-in-popular-use Gregorian Calendar to Yehuveh’s astronomically-based time-keeping system is simple once we learn to “read” the heavens. However, without having our astronomer-priest-teachers restored, many of us still find this this matter confusing.
       For this reason, and only as a means of instruction, I have estimated the Sabbaths and New Moon days for the year 2012 and the Jubilee Year. These estimates are based on the moon’s visibility from Jerusalem using Ezy-Cosmos, computer software of the heavenly movements. As all time-keeping is to be observed, not reckoned, these are truly only estimates and are to be used as such. Therefore, observational dates immediately override these dates if there is a difference.
Sabbatical Year
Tenth Month
New Moon:                          24-26 Dec 2011
First Quarter Sabbath:          2 Jan 2012
Full Moon Sabbath:               9 Jan 2012
Third Quarter Sabbath:       16 Jan 2012

Eleventh Month
New Moon:                         23-24 Jan 2012
First Quarter Sabbath:       31 Jan 2012
Full Moon Sabbath:              7 Feb 2012
Third Quarter Sabbath:      14 Feb 2012

Twelfth Month
New Moon:                         21-23 Feb 2012
First Quarter Sabbath:         1 Mar 2012
Full Moon Sabbath:              8 Mar 2012
Third Quarter Sabbath:       15 Mar 2012

Gael Bataman
Source:  EZE-Cosmos
Originally Compiled
:            6 August 2007     [Third Year of Returning (Darius), Fifth Month, 23rd Day]
Latest Update
:                   12 August 2009      [Fifth Year of Returning (Darius), Fifth Month, 21st Day]

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