Section II: Appendix A

Yehuveh’s Time-keeping System:
Estimated Sabbath Schedule for
The Six Years of Returning (
The Sabbath Year of Rest and
the Year of Jubilee:

“From one New Moon to another,
and from one Sabbath to another,
shall all flesh come to worship before Me,
saith Yehuveh.”
Isaiah 66:23.

he transition from the now-in-popular-use Gregorian Calendar to Yehuveh’s astronomically-based time-keeping system is simple once we learn to “read” the heavens. However, without having our astronomer-priest-teachers restored, many of us still find this this matter confusing.
       For this reason, and only as a means of instruction, I have estimated the Sabbaths and New Moon days for the years 2005 through 2012. These estimates are based on the moon’s visibility from Jerusalem using Ezy-Cosmos, computer software of the heavenly movements. As all time-keeping is to be observed, not reckoned, these are truly only estimates and are to be used as such. Therefore, observational dates immediately override these dates if there is a difference.
        According to
Daniel 11:24 and 11:31 Yehuveh’s Time System is to be restored on the Day of Restarting (Atonement) in the fifth Year of Returning (Darius), 28 September 2009, and these dates will no longer be of value to us, but they are presented here for perspective.

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Go to Fifth Year of Returning (Darius), 2009-2010              
Go to Sixth Year of Returning (Darius), 2010-2011         
Go to Sabbatical Year, 2011-2012           
Go to Jubilee Year, 2012-2013   

Gael Bataman
Source:  EZE-Cosmos
Originally Compiled
:            6 August 2007     [Third Year of Returning (Darius), Fifth Month, 23rd Day]
Latest Update
:                   12 August 2009      [Fifth Year of Returning (Darius), Fifth Month, 21st Day]

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