Section II: Yehuveh’s
      Time System
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Article 1: Astronomical Signs
             How are the sun, moon and stars given us for signs?
Article 2: Seasons (Yehuveh’s Appointments)
             In Yehuveh’s time-keeping system, what are seasons?
Article 3: Days and Years Article 3A: New Moons
             How do the sun and moon mark days and years? What are New Moons?
Article 4: Months
             How does Yehuveh mark the months? What is the New Moon?
Article 5: Sevens (Weeks)
             How do the Scriptures define and measure Yehuveh’s weeks? 
Article 6: Sabbaths
             What are Yehuveh’s Sabbaths? How are we to guard and keep them?
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Article 7: Day of Restarting (Atonement)
            What is the Day of Atonement? Is it relevant to Yehuveh’s people in these days?
Article 8: Spring Rehearsals (Feasts, Festivals)
             Spring Festivals -- rehearsals of what? Re-hear-ings of what?
Article 9: Fall Rehearsals (Feasts, Festivals)
             Fall Festivals -- rehearsals of what? What are we to re-hear of our past?
Article 10: Calendars
             Does Yehuveh have or keep any calendar? Should we? How should we mark time?
Article 11: Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Zodiac
             Does Genesis 49 tie the twelve Israelite tribes to the twelve Signs of Zadok?
Article 12: Astronomy or Astrology
             Do Astronomy and Astrology have a legitimate place in the lives of Yehuveh’s people?
Article 13: Ezekiel 1: Astrology Primer
             Ezekiel lays the solid foundations of righteous Scriptural Astrology in his book.
Article 14: What About Qabbalah?
              “He that crowns Israel shall [not] sleep.”
Article 15: What About Sacrifices and Offerings?
              Is the traditionally accepted view of animal slaughter Scriptural?
Yehuveh’s Historical Calendar Introduction Years of Returning (Darius)
Noah’s Year of Deliverance Explanation
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Years of Returning (Darius)
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