Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 80:1-10.

LXXX:1  And at the end of two years, Yehuveh again sent Moses to Pharaoh to bring forth the
          children of Israel, and to send them out of the land of Egypt.
LXXX:2  And Moses went and came to the house of Pharaoh, and he spoke to him the words of
          Yehuveh who had sent him, but Pharaoh would not hearken to the voice of Yehuveh, and
Elohim roused his might in Egypt upon Pharaoh and his subjects, and Elohim smote
          Pharaoh and his people with very great and sore plagues.
LXXX:3  And Yehuveh sent by the hand of Aaron and turned all the waters of Egypt into blood,
          with all their streams and rivers.
LXXX:4  And when an Egyptian came to drink and draw water, he looked into his pitcher, and
          behold all the water was turned into blood; and when he came to drink from his cup the
          water in the cup became blood.
LXXX:5  And when a woman kneaded her dough and cooked her victuals, their appearance was
          turned to that of blood.
LXXX:6  And Yehuveh sent again and caused all their waters to bring forth frogs, and all the
          frogs came into the houses of the Egyptians.
LXXX:7  And when the Egyptians drank, their bellies were filled with frogs and they danced in
          their bellies as they dance when in the river.
LXXX:8  And all their drinking water and cooking water turned to frogs, also when they lay in
          their beds they perspiration bred frogs.
LXXX:9  Notwithstanding all this the anger of Yehuveh did not turn from them, and his hand
          was stretched out against all the Egyptians to smite them with every heavy plague.
LXXX:10  And he sent and smote their dust to lice, and the lice became in Egypt to the height
          of two cubits upon the earth.


Commentary on Jasher LXXX:1
(13 October 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       13 October 2009
Latest Update:             13 October 2009

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