Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 77:1-10.

LXXVII:1  Adikam was twenty years old when he reigned over Egypt, he reigned four years.
LXXVII:2  In the two hundred and sixth year of Israelís going down to Egypt did Adikam reign
          over Egypt, but he continued not so long in his reign over Egypt as his fathers had
          continued their reigns.
LXXVII:3  For Melol his father reigned ninety four years in Egypt, but he was ten years sick
          and died, for he had been wicked before
LXXVII:4  And all the Egyptians called the name of Adikam Pharaoh like the name of his
          fathers, as was their custom to do in Egypt.
LXXVII:5  And all the wise men of Pharaoh called the name of Adikam Ahuz, for short is
          called Ahuz in the Egyptian language.
LXXVII:6  And Adikam was exceedingly ugly, and he was a cubit and a span and he had a
          great beard which reached to the soles of his feet.
LXXVII:7  And Pharaoh sat upon his fatherís throne to reign over Egypt, and he conducted
          the government of Egypt in his wisdom.
LXXVII:8  And while he reigned he exceeded his father and all the preceding kings in
          wickedness, and he increased his yoke over the children of Israel.
LXXVII:9  And he went with his servants to Goshen to the children of Israel, and he
          strengthened the labor over them and he said unto them, Complete your work,
          each dayís task, and let not your hands slacken from our work from this day forward
          as you did in the days of my father.
LXXVII:10  And he placed officers over them from amongst the children of Israel, and over
          these officers he placed taskmasters from amongst his servants.


Commentary on Jasher LXXVII:1
(13 October 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       13 October 2009
Latest Update:             13 October 2009

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