Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 76:1-10.

LXXVI:1  And Moses the son of Amram was still king in the land of Cush in those days, and he
          prospered in his kingdom, and he conducted the government of the children of Cush in
          justice, in righteousness, and integrity.
LXXVI:2  And all the children of Cush loved Moses all the days that he reigned over them, and
          all the inhabitants of the land of Cush were greatly afraid of him.
LXXVI:3  And in the fortieth year of the reign of Moses over Cush, Moses was sitting on the royal
          throne whilst Adoniah the queen was before him, and all the nobles were sitting around him.
LXXVI:4  And Adoniah the queen said before the king and the princes, What is this thing which
          you, the children of Cush, have done for this long time?
LXXVI:5  Surely you know that for forty years that this man has reigned over Cush he has not
          approached me, nor has he served the
elohims of the children of Cush.
LXXVI:6  Now therefore hear, O ye children of Cush, and let this man no more reign over you as
          he is not of our flesh.
LXXVI:7  Behold Menacrus my son is grown up, let him reign over you, for it is better for you to
          serve the son of your lord, than to serve a stranger, a slave of the king of Egypt.
LXXVI:8  And all the people and nobles of the children of Cush heard the words which Adoniah
          the queen had spoken in their ears.
LXXVI:9  And all the people were preparing until the evening, and in the morning they rose up
          early and made Menacrus, son of Kikianus, king over them.
LXXVI:10  And all the children of Cush were afraid to stretch forth their hand against Moses,
Yehuveh was with Moses, and the children of Cush remembered the oath which they
          swore unto Moses, therefore they did no harm to him.


Commentary on Jasher LXXVI:1
(13 October 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       13 October 2009
Latest Update:             13 October 2009

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