Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 73:11-20.

LXXIII:11  And Moses said unto them, Pass through and proclaim a voice in the whole camp unto
          all the people, saying,
LXXIII:12  Thus says the king, Go into the forest and bring with you of the young ones of the
          stork, each man a young one in his hand.
LXXIII:13  And any person transgressing the word of the king, who shall not bring his young
          one, he shall die, and the king will take all belonging to him.
LXXIII:14  And when you shall bring them they shall be in your keeping, you shall rear them
          until they grow up, and you shall teach them to dart upon, as is the way of the young ones
          of the hawk.
LXXIII:15  So all the children of Cush heard the words of Moses, and they rose up and caused
          a proclamation to be issued throughout the camp, saying,
LXXIII:16  Unto you, all the children of Cush, the king’s order is, that you go all together to
          the forest, and catch there the young storks each man his young one in his hand, and
          you shall bring them home.
LXXIII:17  And any person violating the order of the king shall die, and the king will take all
          that belongs to him.
LXXIII:18  And all the people did so, and they went out to the word and they climbed the fir
          trees and caught, each man a young one in his hand, all the young of the storks, and
          they brought them into the desert and reared them by order of the king, and they taught
          them to dart upon, similar to the young hawks.
LXXIII:19  And after the young storks were reared, the king ordered them to be hungered for
          three days, and all the people did so, 
LXXIII:20  And on the third day, the king said unto them, strengthen yourselves and become
          valiant men, and put on each man his armor and gird on his sword upon him, and ride
          each man his horse and take each his young stork in his hand.


Commentary on Jasher LXXIII:11
(13 October 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       13 October 2009
Latest Update:              13 October 2009

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