Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 72:1-10.

LXXII:1  And it was in those days that there was a great war between the children of Cush and
          the children of the east and Aram, and they rebelled against the king of Cush in whose
          hands they were.
LXXII:2  So Kikianus king of Cush went forth with all the children of Cush, a people numerous
          as the sand, and he went to fight against Aram and the children of the east, to bring them
          under subjection.
LXXII:3  And when Kikianus went out, he left Balaam the magician, with his two sons, to guard
          the city, and the lowest sort of the people of the land.
LXXII:4  So Kikianus went forth to Aram and the children of the east, and he fought against
          them and smote them, and they all fell down wounded before Kikianus and his people.
LXXII:5  And he took many of them captives and he brought them under subjection as at first,
          and he encamped upon their land to take tribute from them as usual.
LXXII:6  And Balaam the son of Beor, when the king of Cush had left him to guard the city and
          the poor of the city he rose up and advised with the people of the land to rebel against king
          Kikianus, not to let him enter the city when he should come home.
LXXII:7  And the people of the land hearkened to him, and they swore to him and made him king
          over them, and his two sons for captains of the army.
LXXII:8  So they rose up and raised the walls of the city at the two corners, and they built an
          exceeding strong building.
LXXII:9  And at the third corner they dug ditches without number, between the city and the
          river which surrounded the whole land of Cush, and they made the waters of the river
          burst forth there.
LXXII:10  At the fourth corner they collected numerous serpents by their incantations and
          enchantments, and they fortified the city and dwelt therein, and no one went out or in
          before them.


Commentary on Jasher LXXII:1
(13 October 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       13 October 2009
Latest Update:             13 October 2009

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