Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 66:1-10.

LXVI:1  At that time died Hadad the son of Bedad king of Edom, and Samlah from Mesrekah, from
          the country of the children of the east, reigned in his place.
LXVI:2  In the thirteenth year of the reign of Pharaoh king of Egypt, which was the hundred and
          twenty-fifth year of the Israelites going down into Egypt, Samlah had reigned over Edom
          eighteen years.
LXVI:3  And when he reigned, he drew forth his hosts to go and fight against Zepho the son of
          Eliphaz and the children of Chittim, because they had made war against Angeas king of
          Africa, and they destroyed his whole army.
LXVI:4  But he did not engage with him, for the children of Esau prevented him saying, He was
          their brother, so Samlah listened to the voice of the children of Esau, and turned back with
          all his forces to the land of Edom, and did not proceed to fight against Zepho the son of Eliphaz.
LXVI:5  And Pharaoh king of Egypt heard this thing, saying, Samlah king of Edom has resolved to
          fight the children of Chittim, and afterward he will come to fight against Egypt.
LXVI:6  And when the Egyptians heard this matter, they increased the labor upon the children of
          Israel, lest the Israelites should do unto them as they did unto them in their war with the
          children of Esau in the days of Hadad.
LXVI:7  So the Egyptians said unto the children of Israel, Hasten and do your work, and finish your
          task, and strengthen the land, lest the children of Esau your brethren should come to fight
          against us, for on your account will they come against us.
LXVI:8  And the children of Israel did the work of the men of Egypt day by day, and the Egyptians
          afflicted the children of Israel in order to lessen them in the land.
LXVI:9  But as the Egyptians increased the labor upon the children of Israel, so did the children of
          Israel increase and multiply, and all Egypt was filled with the children of Israel.
LXVI:10  And in the hundred and twenty fifth year of Israelís going down into Egypt, all the
          Egyptians saw that their counsel did not succeed against Israel, but that they increased and
          grew, and the land of Egypt and the land of Goshen were filled with the children of Israel.


Commentary on Jasher LXVI:1
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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