Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 61:1-10.

LXI:1  And it came to pass at that time Pharaoh king of Egypt commanded all his people to make
          for him a strong palace in Egypt.
LXI:2  And he also commanded the sons of Jacob to assist the Egyptians in the building, and the
          Egyptians made a beautiful and elegant palace for a royal habitation, and he dwelt therein and
          he renewed his government and he reigned securely.
LXI:3  And Zebulun the son of Jacob died in that year, that is the seventy second year of the going
          down of the Israelites to Egypt, and Zebulun died a hundred and fourteen years old, and was
          put into a coffin and given into the hands of his children.
LXI:4  And in the seventy-fifth year died his brother Simeon, he was a hundred and twenty years old
          at his death, and he was also put into a coffin and given into the hands of his children.
LXI:5  And Zepho the son of Eliphaz the son of Esau, captain of the host to Angeas king of Dinhabah,
          was still daily enticing Angeas to prepare for battle to fight with the sons of Jacob in Egypt, and
          Angeas was unwilling to do this thing, for his servants had related to him all the might of the
          sons of Jacob, what they had done unto them in their battle with the children of Esau.
LXI:6  And Zepho was in those days daily enticing Angeas to fight with the sons of Jacob in those
LXI:7  And after some time Angeas hearkened to the words of Zepho and consented to him to fight
          with the sons of Jacob in Egypt, and Angeas got all his people in order, a people numerous as
          the sand which is upon the sea shore, and he formed his resolution to go to Egypt to battle.
LXI:8  And amongst the servants of Angeas was a youth fifteen years old, Balaam the son of Beor
          was his name and the youth was very wise and understood the art of witchcraft.
LXI:9  And Angeas said unto Balaam, Conjure for us, I pray thee, with the witchcraft, that we may
          know who will prevail in this battle to which we are not proceeding.
LXI:10  And Balaam ordered that they should bring him wax, and he made thereof the likeness of
          chariots and horsemen representing the army of Angeas and the army of Egypt, and he put
          them in the cunningly prepared waters that he had for that purpose, and he took in his hand
          the boughs of myrtle trees, and he exercised his cunning, and he joined them over the water,
          and there appeared unto him in the water the resembling images of the hosts of Angeas
          falling before the resembling images of the Egyptians and the sons of Jacob.


Commentary on Jasher LXI:1
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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