Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 58:1-10.

LVIII:1  And it came to pass in the thirty-second year of the Israelites going down to Egypt, that is
          in the seventy-first year of the life of Joseph, in that year died Pharaoh king of Egypt, and
          Magron his son reigned in his stead.
LVIII:2  And Pharaoh commanded Joseph before his death to be a father to his son, Magron, and
          that Magron should be under the care of Joseph and under his counsel.
LVIII:3  And all Egypt consented to this thing that Joseph should be king over them, for all the
          Egyptians loved Joseph as of heretofore, only Magron the son of Pharaoh sat upon his fatherís
          throne, and he became king in those days in his fatherís stead.
LVIII:4  Magron was forty-one years old when he began to reign, and forty years he reigned in
          Egypt, and all Egypt called his name Pharaoh after the name of his father, as it was their
          custom to do in Egypt to every king that reigned over them.
LVIII:5  And it came to pass when Pharaoh reigned in his fatherís stead, he placed the laws of Egypt
          and all the affairs of government in the hand of Joseph, as his father had commanded him.
LVIII:6  And Joseph became king over Egypt, for he superintended over all Egypt, and all Egypt
          was under his care and under his counsel, for all Egypt inclined to Joseph after the death of
          Pharaoh, and they loved him exceedingly to reign over them.
LVIII:7  But there were some people amongst them, who did not like him, saying, No stranger
          shall reign over us, still the whole government of Egypt devolved in those days upon Joseph,
          after the death of Pharaoh, he being the regulator, doing as he liked throughout the land
          without any one interfering.
LVIII:8  And all Egypt was under the care of Joseph, and Joseph made war with all his surrounding
          enemies, and he subdued them; also all the land and all the Philistines, unto the borders of
          Canaan, did Joseph subdue, and they were all under his power and they gave a yearly tax unto
LVIII:9  And Pharaoh king of Egypt sat upon his throne in his fatherís stead, but he was under the
          control and counsel of Joseph, as he was at first under the control of his father.
LVIII:10  Neither did he reign but in the land of Egypt only, under the counsel of Joseph, but
          Joseph reigned over the whole country at that time, from Egypt unto the great river Perath.


Commentary on Jasher LVIII:1
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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