Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 55:1-10.

LV:1  And it came to pass after this that Jacob said, I will go and see my son in Egypt and will then
          come back to the land of Canaan of which
Elohim had spoken unto Abraham, for I cannot
          leave the land of my birth-place.
LV:2  Behold the word of
Yehuveh came unto him, saying, Go down to Egypt with all thy household
          and remain there, fear not to go down to Egypt for I will there make thee a great nation.
LV:3  And Jacob said within himself, I will go and see my son whether the fear of his Elohim is yet in
          his heart amidst all the inhabitants of Egypt.
LV:4  And Yehuveh said unto Jacob, Fear not about Joseph, for he still retaineth his integrity to
          serve me, as will seem good in thy sight, and Jacob rejoiced exceedingly concerning his son.
LV:5  At that time Jacob commanded his sons and household to go to Egypt according to the word
          of Yehuveh unto him, and Jacob rose up with his sons and all his household, and he went out
          from the land of Canaan from Beer-sheba, with joy and gladness of heart, and they went to
          the land of Egypt.
LV:6  And it came to pass when they came near Egypt, Jacob sent Judah before him to Joseph that
          he might show him a situation in Egypt, and Judah did according to the word of his father, and
          he hastened and ran and came to Joseph, and thy assigned for them a place in the land of
          Goshen for all his household, and Judah returned and came along the road to his father.
LV:7  And Joseph harnessed the chariot, and he assembled all his mighty men and his servants and
          all the officers of Egypt in order to go and meet his father Jacob, and Joseph’s mandate was
          proclaimed in Egypt, saying, All that do not go to meet Jacob shall die.
LV:8  And on the next day Joseph went forth with all Egypt a great and mighty host, all dressed in
          garments of fine linen and purple and with instruments of silver and gold and with their
          instruments of war with them.
LV:9  And they all went to meet Jacob with all sorts of musical instruments, with drums and
          timbrels, strewing myrrh and aloes all along the road, and they all went after this fashion, and
          the earth shook at their shouting.
LV:10  And all the women of Egypt went upon the roofs of Egypt and upon the walls to meet Jacob,
          and upon the head of Joseph was Pharaoh’s regal crown, for Pharaoh had sent it unto him to
          put on at the time of his going to meet his father.


Commentary on Jasher LV:1
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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