Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 54:61-70.

LIV:61  And Joseph answered and said, You speak truth, and falsehood is not in your mouth, for it
          was also told unto us that the Hebrews have power and that
Yehuveh their Elohim delighteth
          much in them, and who then can stand before them?
LIV:62  However, on this condition will I send your brother, if you will bring before me his brother
          the son of his mother, of whom you said that he had gone from you down to Egypt; and it shall
          come to pass when you bring unto me is brother I will take him in his stead, because not one
          of you was security for him to your father, and when he shall come unto me, I will then send
          with you his brother for whom you have been security.
LIV:63  And Judah’s anger was kindled against Joseph when he spoke this thing, and his eyes
          dropped blood with anger, and he said unto his brethren, How doth this man this day seek his
          own destruction and that of all Egypt!
LIV:64  And Simeon answered Joseph, saying, Did we not tell thee at first that we knew not the
          particular spot to which he went, and whether he be dead or alive, and wherefore speaketh
          my lord like unto these things?
LIV:65  And Joseph observing the countenance of Judah discerned that his anger began to kindle
          when he spoke unto him, saying, Bring unto me your other brother instead of this brother.
LIV:66  And Joseph said unto his brethren, Surely you said that your brother was either dead or
          lost, now if I should call him this day and he should come before you, would you give him unto
          me instead of his brother?
LIV:67  And Joseph began to speak and call out, Joseph, Joseph, come this day before me, and appear
          to thy brethren and sit before them.
LIV:68  And when Joseph spoke this thing before them, they looked each a different way to see from
          whence Joseph would come before them.
LIV:69  And Joseph observed all their acts, and said unto them, Why do you look here and there?
          I am Joseph whom you sold to Egypt, now therefore let it not grieve you that you sold me, for
          as a support during the famine did Elohim send me before you.
LIV:70  And his brethren were terrified at him when they heard the words of Joseph, and Judah was
          exceedingly terrified at him.


Commentary on Jasher LIV:61
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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