Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 54:31-40.

LIV:31  And Joseph said, Not to you only is strength given, for we are also powerful men, and why
          will you boast over us all? And Judah said unto Joseph, Send I pray thee our brother and ruin
          not thy country this day.
LIV:32  And Joseph answered and said unto them, Go and tell your father, an evil beast hath
          devoured him as you said concerning your brother Joseph.
LIV:33  And Judah spoke to  his brother Naphtali, and he said unto him, Make hast, go now and
          number all the streets of Egypt and come and tell me; and Simeon said unto him, Let not
          this thing be a trouble to thee, now I will go to the mount and take up one large stone from
          the mount and level it at every one in Egypt, and kill all that are in it.
LIV:34  And Joseph heard all these words that his brethren spoke before him, and they did not
          know that Joseph understood them, for they imagined that he knew not to speak Hebrew.
LIV:35  And Joseph was greatly afraid at the words of his brethren lest they should destroy Egypt,
          and he commanded his son Manasseh, saying, Go now make haste and gather unto me all the
          inhabitants of Egypt, and all the valiant men together, and let them come to me now upon
          horseback and on food and with all sorts of musical instruments, and Manasseh went and did so.
LIV:36  And Naphtali went as Judah had commanded him, for Naphtali was light footed as one of the
          swift stags, and he would go upon the ears of corn and they would not break under him.
LIV:37  And he went and numbered all the streets of Egypt, and found them to be twelve, and he
          came hastily and told Judah, and Judah said unto is brethren, Hasten you and put on every
          man his sword upon his loins and we will come over Egypt, and smite them all, and let not a
          remnant remain.
LIV:38  And Judah said, Behold, I will destroy thee of the streets with my strength, and you shall
          ach destroy one street; and when Judah was speaking this thing, behold the inhabitants of Egypt
          and all the mighty men came toward them with all sorts of musical instruments and with loud
LIV:39  And their number was five hundred cavalry and ten thousand infantry, and four hundred
          men who could fight without sword or spear, only with their hands and strength.
LIV:40  And all the mighty men came with great storming and shouting, and they all surrounded
          the sons of Jacob and terrified them, and the ground quaked at the sound of their shouting.


Commentary on Jasher LIV:31
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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