Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 54:1-10.

LIV:1  And when Judah saw the dealings of Joseph with them, Judah approached him and broke
          open the door, and came with his brethren before Joseph.
LIV:2  And Judah said unto Joseph, Let it not seen grievous in the sight of my lord, may thy servant
          I pray thee speak a word before thee? And Joseph said unto him, Speak.
LIV:3  And Judah spoke before Joseph, and his brethren were there standing before them; and
          Judah said unto Joseph, Surely when we first came to our lord to buy food, thou didst consider
          us as spies of the land, and we brought Benjamin before thee, and thou still makest sport of
          us this day.
LIV:4  Now therefore let the king hear my words, and send I pray thee our brother that he may go
          along with us to our father, lest thy soul perish this day with all the souls of the inhabitants
          of Egypt.
LIV:5  Dost thou not know what two of my brethren, Simeon and Levi, did unto the city of
          Shechem, and unto seven cities of the Amorites, on account of our sister Dinah, and also
          what they would do for the sake of their brother Benjamin?
LIV:6  And I with my strength, who am greater and mightier than both of them, come this day
          upon thee and thy land if thou are unwilling to send our brother.
LIV:7  Hast thou  not heard what our
Elohim who made choice of us did unto Pharaoh on account
          of Sarah our mother, whom he took away from our father, that he smote him and his
          household with heavy plagues, that even unto this day the Egyptians relate this wonder to
          each other? So will our Elohim do unto thee on account of Benjamin whom thou hast this day
          taken from his father, and on account of the evils which thou this day heapest over us in thy
          land; for our Elohim will remember his covenant with our father Abraham, and bring evil
          upon thee, because thou has grieved the soul of our father this day.
LIV:8  Now therefore hear my words that I have this day spoken unto thee, and send our brother
          that he may go away lest thou and the people of thy land die by the sword, for you cannot all
          prevail over me.
LIV:9  And Joseph answered Judah, saying, Why hast thou opened wide thy mouth and why dost thou
          boast over us, saying, Strength is with thee? As Pharaoh liveth, if I command all my valiant
          men to fight with you, surely thou and these thy brethren would sink in the mire.
LIV:10  And Judah said unto Joseph, Surely it becometh thee and thy people to fear me; as
Yehuveh liveth if I once draw my sword I shall not sheathe it again until I hall this day have
          slain all Egypt, and I will commence with thee and finish with Pharaoh thy master.


Commentary on Jasher LIV:1
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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