Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 53:21-30.

LIII:21  And Benjamin said unto Joseph, I can see by this that Joseph my brother sitteth here with
          me upon the throne, and Joseph said unto him I am Joseph thy brother, reveal not this thing
          unto thy brethren; behold I will send thee with them when they go away, and I will command
          them to be brought back again into the city, and I will take thee away from them.
LIII:22  And if they dare their lives and fight for thee, then shall I know that they have repented of
          what they did unto me, and I will  make myself known to them, and if they forsake thee when
          I take thee, then shalt thou remain with me, and I will wrangle with them, and they shall go
          away, and I will not become known to them.
LIII:23  At that time Joseph commanded his officer to fill their sacks with food, and to put each
          man’s money into his sack, and to put the cup in the sack of Benjamin, and to give them
          provision for the road, and they did so unto them.
LIII:24  And on the next day the men rose up early in the morning, and they loaded their asses
          with their corn, and they went forth with Benjamin, and they went to the land of Canaan
          with their brother Benjamin.
LIII:25  They had not gone far from Egypt when Joseph commanded him  that was set over his
          house, saying, Rise, pursue these men before they get too far from Egypt, and say unto
          them, Why have you stolen my master’s cup?
LIII:26  And Joseph’s office rose up and he reached them, and he spoke unto them all the words
          of Joseph; and when they heard this thing they became exceedingly wroth, and they said, He
          with whom thy master’s cup shall be found shall die, and we will also become slaves.
LIII:27  And they hastened and each man brought down his sack from his ass, and they looked in
          their bags and the cup was found in Benjamin’s bag, and they all tore their garments and
          they returned to the city, and they smote Benjamin in the road, continually smiting him
          until he came into the city, and they stood before Joseph.
LIII:28  And Judah’s anger was kindled, and he said, This man has only brought me back to
          destroy Egypt this day.
LIII:29  And the men came to Joseph’s house, and they found Joseph sitting upon his throne, and
          all the mighty men standing at his right and left.
LIII:30  And Joseph said unto them, What is this act that you have done, that you took away my
          silver cup and went away? But I know that you took my cup in order to know thereby in what
          part of the land your brother was.


Commentary on Jasher LIII:21
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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