Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 53:1-10.

LIII:1  And the sons of Jacob rose up and took Benjamin and the whole of the presents, and they
          went and came to Egypt and they stood before Joseph.
LIII:2  And Joseph beheld his brother Benjamin with them and he saluted them, and these men came
          to Joseph’s house.
LIII:3  And Joseph commanded the superintendant of his house to give to his brethren to eat, and he
          did so unto them.
LIII:4  And at noon time Joseph sent for the men to come before him with Benjamin, and the men
          told the superintendant of Joseph’s house concerning the silver that was returned in their
          sacks, and he said unto the, It will be well with you, fear not, and he brought their brother
          Simeon unto them.
LIII:5  And Simeon said unto his brethren, The Lord of the Egyptians has acted very kindly unto me,
          he did not keep me bound, as you saw with your eyes, for when you went out from the city he
          let me free and dealt kindly with me in his house.
LIII:6  And Judah took Benjamin by the hand, and they came before Joseph, and they bowed down to
          him to the ground.
LIII:7  And the men gave the present unto Joseph and they all sat before him, and Joseph said unto
          them, Is it well with you, is it well with your children, is it well with your aged father? And
          they said, It is well, and Judah took the record which Jacob had sent and gave it into the hand
          of Joseph.
LIII:8  And Joseph read the letter and knew his father’s writing, and he wished to weep and he
          went into an inner room and he wept a great weeping; and he went out.
LIII:9  And he lifted up his eyes and beheld his brother Benjamin, and he said, Is this your brother
          of whom you spoke unto me? And Benjamin approached Joseph, and Joseph placed his hand
          upon his head and he said unto him, May
Elohim be gracious unto thee my son.
LIII:10  And when Joseph saw his brother, the son of his mother, he again wished to weep, and
          he entered the chamber, and he wept there, and he washed his face, and went out and
          refrained from weeping, and he said, Prepare food.


Commentary on Jasher LIII:1
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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