Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 50:1-10.

L:1  At that time the children of Tarshish came against the sons of Ishmael, and made war with
          them, and the children of Tarshish spoiled the Ishmaelites for a long time.
L:2  And the children nof Ishmael were small in number in those days, and they could not prevail
          over the children of Tarshish, and they were sorely oppressed.
L:3  And the old men of the Ishmaelites sent a record to the king of Egypt, saying, Send I pray thee
          unto they servants officers and hosts to help us to fight against the children of Tarshish, for
          we have been consuming away for a long time.
L:4  And Pharaoh sent Joseph with the mighty men and host which were with him, and also his
          mighty men from the king’s house.
L:5  And they went to the land of Havilah to the children of Ishmael, to assist them against the
          children of Tarshish, and the children of Ishmael fought with the children of Tarshish, and
          Joseph smote the Tarshishites and he subdued all their land, and the children of Ishmael
          dwell therein unto this day.
L:6  And when the land of Tarshish was subdued, all the Tarshishites ran away, and came on the
          border of their brethren the children of Javan, and Joseph with all his mighty men and host
          returned to Egypt, not one man of them missing.
L:7  And at the revolution of the year, in the second year of Joseph’s reigning over Egypt,
          gave great plenty throughout the land for seven years as Joseph had spoken, for Yehuveh
          blessed all the produce of the earth in those days for seven years, and they ate and were
          greatly satisfied.
L:8  And Joseph at that time had officers under him, and they collected all the food of the good
          years, and heaped corn year by year, and they placed it in the treasuries of Joseph.
L:9  And at any time when they gathered the food Joseph commanded that they should bring the
          corn in the ears, and also bring with it some of the soil of the field, that it should not spoil.
L:10  And Joseph did according to this year by year, and he heaped up corn like to sand of the sea
          for abundance, for his stores were immense and could not be numbered for abundance.


Commentary on Jasher L:1
(27 May 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       27 May 2009
Latest Update:           27 May 2009

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