Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 48:1-10.

XLVIII:1  In those days, after the death of Isaac, Yehuveh commanded and caused a famine upon
          the whole earth.
XLVIII:2  At that time Pharaoh king of Egypt was sitting upon his throne in the land of Egypt, and
          lay in his bed and dreamed dreams, and Pharaoh saw in his dream that he was standing by the
          side of the river of Egypt.
XLVIII:3  And whilst he was standing he saw and behold seven fat fleshed and well favored kine
          came up out of the river.
XLVIII:4  And seven other kine, lean fleshed and ill favored, came up after them, and the seven
          ill favored ones swallowed up the well favored ones, and still their appearance was ill as at first.
XLVIII:5  And he awoke, and he slept again and he dreamed a second time, and he saw and behold
          seven ears of corn came up upon one stalk, rank and good, and seven thin ears blasted with
          the east wind sprang up after them, and the thin ears swallowed up the full ones, and Pharaoh
          awoke out of his dream.
XLVIII:6  And in the morning the king remembered his dreams, and his spirit was sadly troubled
          on account of his dreams, and the king hastened and sent and called for all the magicians
          of Egypt, and the wise men, and they came and stood before Pharaoh.
XLVIII:7  And the king said unto them, I have dreamed dreams, and there is none to interpret
          them; and they said unto the king, relate thy dreams to thy servants and let us hear them.
XLVIII:8  And the king related his dreams to them, and they all answered and said with one voice to
          the king, may the king live for ever; and this is the interpretation of thy dreams.
XLVIII:9  The seven good kine which thou didst see denote seven daughters that will be born unto
          thee in the latter days, and the seven kine which thou sawest come up after them, and
          swallowed them up, are for a sign that the daughters which will be born unto thee will all die
          in the life-time of the king.
XLVIII:10  And that which thou didst see in the second dream of seven full good ears of corn coming
          up upon one stalk, this is their interpretations, that thou wilt build unto thyself in the latter
          days seven cities throughout the land of Egypt; and that which thou sawest of the seven blasted
          ears of corn springing up after them and swallowing them up whilst thou didst behold them with
          thine eyes, is for a sign that the cities which thou wilt build will all be destroyed in the latter
          days, in the life-time of the king.


Commentary on Jasher XLVIII:1
(21 April 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       21 April 2009
Latest Update:           21 April 2009

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