Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 44:1-10.

XLIV:1  And the sons of Ishmael who had bought Joseph from the Midianites, who had bought him
          from his brethren, went to Egypt with Joseph, and they came upon the borders of Egypt, and
          when they came near unto Egypt, they met four men of the sons of Medan the son of Abraham,
          who had gone forth from the land of Egypt on their journey.
XLIV:2  And the Ishmaelites said unto them, Do you desire to purchase this slave from us? And they
          said, Deliver him over to us, and they delivered Joseph over to them, and they beheld him, that
          he was a very comely youth and they purchased him for twenty shekels.
XLIV:3  And the Ishmaelites continued their journey to Egypt, and the Medanim also returned that
          day to Egypt, and the Medanim said to each other, Behold we have heard that Potiphar, an
          officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, seeketh a good servant who shall stand before him
          to attend him, and to make him overseer over his house and all belonging to him.
XLIV:4  Now therefore come let us sell him to him for what we may desire, if he be able to give unto
          us that which we shall require for him.
XLIV:5  And these Medanim went and came to the house of Potiphar, and said unto him, We have
          heard that thou sleekest a good servant to attend thee, behold we have a servant that will
          please thee, if thou canst give unto us that which we may desire, and we will sell him unto thee.
XLIV:6  And Potiphar said, Bring him before me, and I will see him, and if he please me I will give
          unto you that which you may require for him.
XLIV:7  And the Medanim went and brought Joseph and placed him before Potiphar, and he saw him,
          and he pleased him exceedingly, and Potiphar said unto them, Tell me what you require for
          this youth?
XLIV:8  And thy said, Four hundred pieces of silver we desire for him, and Potiphar said, I will give
          it you if you bring me the record of his sale to you, and will tell me his history, for perhaps he
          may be stolen, for this youth is neither a slave, nor the son of a slave, but I observe in him
          the appearance of a goodly and handsome person.
XLIV:9  And the Medanim went and brought unto him the Ishmaelites who had sold him to them,
          and they told him, saying, He is a slave and we sold him to them.
XLIV:10  And Potiphar heard the words of the Ishmaelites in his giving the silver unto the Medanim,
          and the Medanim took the silver and went on their journey, and the Ishmaelites also returned


Commentary on Jasher XLIV:1
(21 April 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       21 April 2009
Latest Update:           21 April 2009

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