Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 43:1-10.

XLIII:1  And when the sons of Jacob had sold their brother Joseph to the Midianites, their hearts
          were smitten on account of him, and they repented ot their acts, and they sought for him to
          bring him back, but could not find him.
XLIII:2  And Reuben returned to the pit in which Joseph had been put, in order to lift him out,
          and restore him to his father, and Reuben stood by the pit, and he heard not a word, and he
          called out Joseph! Joseph! And no one answered or uttered a word.
XLIII:3  And Reuben said, Joseph has died through fright, or some serpent has caused his death;
          and Reuben descended into the pit, and he searched for Joseph and could not find him in the
          pit, and he came out again.
XLIII:4  And Reuben tore his garments and he said, The child is not there, and how shall I reconcile
          my father about him if he be dead? And he went to his brethren and found them grieving
          on account of Joseph, and counseling together how to reconcile their father about him,
          and Reuben said unto his brethren, I came to the pit and behold Joseph was not there, what
          then shall we say unto our father, for my father will only seek the lad from me.
XLIII:5  And his brethren answered him saying, Thus and thus we did, and our hearts afterward
          smote us on account of this act, and we now sit to seek a pretext how we shall reconcile our
          father to it.
XLIII:6  And Reuben said unto them, What is this you have done to bring down the grey hairs of
          our father in sorrow to the grave? The thing is not good, that you have done.
XLIII:7  And Reuben sat with them, and they all rose up and swore to each other not to tell this
          thing unto Jacob, and they all said, The man who will tell this to our father or his household,
          or who will report this to any of the children of the land, we will all rise up against him and
          slay him with the sword.
XLIII:8  And the sons of Jacob feared each other in this matter, from the youngest to the oldest,
          and no one spoke a word, and they concealed the thing in their hearts.
XLIII:9  And they afterward sat down to determine and invent something to say unto their father
          Jacob concerning all these things.
XLIII:10  And Issachar said unto them, Here is an advice for you if it seem good in your eyes to
          do this thing, take the coat which belongeth to Joseph and tear it, and kill a kid of the
          goats and dip it in its blood.


Commentary on Jasher XLIII:1
(21 April 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       21 April 2009
Latest Update:           21 April 2009

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