Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 42:1-10.

XLII:1  And they went and sat on the opposite side, about the distance of a bow-shot, and they sat
          there to eat bread, and whilst they were eating, they held counsel together what was to be
          done with him, whether to slay him or to bring him back to his father.
XLII:2  They were holding the counsel, when they lifted up their eyes, and saw, and behold there
          was a company of Ishmaelites coming at a distance by the road of Glead, going down to Egypt.
XLII:3  And Judah said unto them, What gain will it be to us if we slay our brother? Peradventure
Elohim will require him from us; this then is the counsel proposed concerning him, which
          you shall do unto him: Behold this company of Ishmaelites going down to Egypt,
XLII:4  Now therefore, come let us dispose of him to them, and let not our hand be upon him and
          they will lead him along with them, and he will be lost amongst the people of the land, and we
          will not put him to death with our own hands. And the proposal pleased his brethren and they
          did according to the word of Judah.
XLII:5  And whilst they were discoursing about this matter, and before the company of Ishmaelites
          had come up to them, seven trading men of Midian passed by them, and as they passed they
          were thirsty, and thy lifted up their eyes and saw the pit in which Joseph was immured, and
          they looked, and behold every species of bird was upon him.
XLII:6  And these Midianites ran to the pit to drink water, for they thought that it contained water,
          and on coming before the pit they heard the voice of Joseph crying and weeping in the pit, and
          they looked down into the pit, and they saw and behold there was a youth of comely appearance
          and well favored.
XLII:7  And they called unto him and said, Who art thou and who brought thee hither, and who
          placed thee in this pit, in the wilderness? And they all assisted to raise up Joseph and they
          drew him out, and brought him up from the pit, and took him and went away on their journey
          and passed by his brethren.
XLII:8  And these said unto them, Why do you do this, to take our servant from us and to go away?
          Surely we placed this youth in the pit because he rebelled against us, and you come and bring
          him up and lead him away; now then give us back our servant.
XLII:9  And the Midianites answered and said unto the sons of Jacob, Is this your servant, or does
          this man attend you? Peradventure you are all his servants, for his is more comely and well
          favored than any of you, and why do you all speak falsely unto us?
XLII:10  Now therefore we will not listen to your words, nor attend to you, for we found the youth in
          the pit in the wilderness, and we took him; we will therefore go on.


Commentary on Jasher XLII:1
(21 April 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       21 April 2009
Latest Update:           21 April 2009

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