Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 38:1-10.

XXXVIII:1  And Ihuri king of Shiloh came up to assist Elon, and he approached Jacob, when Jacob
          drew his bow that was in his hand and with an arrow struck Ihuri which caused his death.
XXXVIII:2  And when Ihuri king of Shiloh was dead, the four remaining kings fled from their
          station with the rest of the captains, and they endeavored to retreat, saying, We have no
          more strength with the Hebrews after their having killed the three kings and their captains
          who were more powerful than we are.
XXXVIII:3  And when the sons of Jacob saw that the remaining kings had removed from their
          station, they pursued them, and Jacob also came from the heap of Shechem from the place
          where he was standing, and they went after the kings and they approached them with their
XXXVIII:4  And the kings and the captains with the rest of their armies, seeing that the sons of
          Jacob approached them, were afraid of their lives and fled till they reached the city of
XXXVIII:5  And the sons of Jacob pursued them to the gate of the city of Chazar, and they smote
          a great smiting amongst the kings and their armies, about four thousand men, and whilst
          they were smiting the army of the kings, Jacob was occupied with his bow confining himself
          to smiting the kings, and he slew them all.
XXXVIII:6  And he slew Parathon king of Chazar at the gate of the city of Chazar, and he
          afterward smote king Susi king of Sarton, and Laban king of Bethchorin, and Shabir king
          of Machnaymah, and he slew them all with arrows, an arrow to each of them and they died.
XXXVIII:7  And the sons of Jacob seeing that all the kings were dead and that they were broken
          up and retreating, continued to carry on the battle with the armies of the kings opposite the
          gate of Chazar, and they still smoke about four hundred of their men.
XXXVIII:8  And three men of the servants of Jacob fell in that battle, and when Judah saw that
          three of his servants had died, it grieved him greatly, and his anger burned within him against
          the Amorites.
XXXVIII:9  And all the men that remained of the armies of the kings were greatly afraid of their
          lives, and they ran and broke the gate of the walls of the city of Chazar, and they all entered
          the city for safety.
XXXVIII:10  And they concealed themselves in the midst of the city of Chazar, for the city of
          Chazar was very large and extensive, and when all these armies had entered the city, the
          sons of Jacob ran after them to the city.


Commentary on Jasher XXXVIII:1
(21 April 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       21 April 2009
Latest Update:           21 April 2009

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