Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 35:1-10.

XXXV:1  And all the kings of the Amorites came and took their stand in the field to consult with
          their counselors what was to be done with the sons of Jacob, for they were still afraid of them,
          saying, behold, two of them slew the whole of the city of Shechem.
XXXV:2  And
Yehuveh heard the prayers of Isaac and Jacob, and he filled the hearts of all these
          kingsí advisers with great fear and terror that they unanimously exclaimed,
XXXV:3  Are you silly this day, or is there no understanding in you, that you will fight with the
          Hebrews, and why will you take a delight in your own destruction this day?
XXXV:4  Behold two of them came to the city of Shechem without fear or terror, and they killed all
          the inhabitants of the city, that no man stood up against them, and how will you be able to
          fight with them all?
XXXV:5  Surely you know that their
Elohim is exceedingly fond of them, and has done mighty things
          for them, such as have not been done from days of old, and amongst all the elohims of nations,
          there is none can do like unto His mighty deeds.
XXXV:6  Surely He delivered their father Abraham, the Hebrew, from the hand of Nimrod, and from
          the hand of all his people who had many times sought to slay him.
XXXV:7  He delivered him also from the fire in which king Nimrod had cast him, and his Elohim
          delivered him from it.
XXXV:8  And who else can do the like? Surely it was Abraham who slew the five kings of Elam,
          when they had touched his brotherís son who in those days dwelt in Sodom.
XXXV:9  And took his servant that was faithful in his house and a few of his men, and they pursued
          the kings of Elam in one night and killed them, and restored to his brotherís son all his
          property which they had taken from him.
XXXV:10  And surely you know the Elohim of these Hebrews is much delighted with them, and they
          are also delighted with Him, for they know that He delivered them from all their enemies.


Commentary on Jasher XXXV:1
(21 April 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       21 April 2009
Latest Update:           21 April 2009

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