Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 29:1-10.

XXIX:1  And Isaac the son of Abraham became old and advanced in days, and his eyes became heavy
        through age; they were dim and could not see.
XXIX:2  At that time Isaac called unto Esau his son, saying, Get I pray thee thy weapons, thy quiver
          and thy bow, rise up and go forth into the field and get me some venison, and make me savory
          meat and bring it to me, and I may eat in order that I may bless thee before my death, as I
          have now become old and grey-headed.
XXIX:3  And Esau did so; and he took his weapon and went forth into the field to hunt for venison,
          as usual, to bring to his father as he had ordered him, so that he might bless him.
XXIX:4  And Rebecca heard all the words that Isaac had spoken unto Esau, and she hastened and
          called her son Jacob, saying, This did thy father speak unto thy brother Esau, and thus did I
          hear, now therefore hasten thou and make that which I shall tell thee.
XXIX:5  Rise up and go, I pray thee, to the flock and fetch me two fine kids of the goats, and I will
          get the savory meat for thy father, and thou shalt bring the savory meat that he may eat
          before thy brother shall have come from the chase, in order that thy father may bless thee.
XXIX:6  And Jacob hastened and did as his mother had commanded him, and he made the savory
          meat and brought it before his father before Esau had come from his chase.
XXIX:7  And Isaac said unto Jacob, Who art thou, my son? And he said, I am thy first born Esau, I
          have done as thou didst order me, now therefore rise up I pray thee, and eat of my hunt, in
          order that thy soul may bless me as thou didst speak unto me.
XXIX:8  And Isaac rose up and he ate and he drank, and his heart was comforted, and he blessed
          Jacob and Jacob went away from his father; and as soon as Isaac had blessed Jacob and he
          had gone away from him, behold Esau came from his hunt from the field, and he also made
          savory meat and brought it to his father to eat thereof and to bless him.
XXIX:9  And Isaac said unto Esau, And who was he that has taken venison and brought it me
          before thou camest and whom I did bless?  And Esau knew that his brother Jacob had done
          this, and the anger of Esau was kindled against his brother Jacob that he had acted thus
          toward him.
XXIX:10  And Esau said, Is he not rightly called Jacob?  For he has supplanted me twice, he took
          away my birthright and now he has taken away my blessing; and Esau wept greatly; and
          when Isaac heard the voice of his son Esau weeping, Isaac said unto Esau, What can I do,
          my son, thy brother came with subtlety and took away thy blessing; and Esau hated his brother
          Jacob on account of the blessing that his father had given him, and his anger was greatly
          roused against him.


Commentary on Jasher XXIX:1
(21 April 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       21 April 2009
Latest Update:           21 April 2009

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