Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 16:1-10.

XVI:1. At that time Chedorlaomer king of Elam sent to all the neighboring kings, to Nimrod, king
          of Shinar who was then under his power, and to Tidal, king of Goyim, and to Arioch, king of
          Elasar, with whom he made a covenant, saying, Come up to me and assist me, that we may
          smite all the towns of Sodom and its inhabitants, for they have rebelled against me these
          thirteen years.
XVI:2. And these four kings went up with all their camps, about eight hundred thousand men, and
          they went as they were, and smote every man they found in their road.
XVI:3. And the five kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, Shemeber king of
          Zeboyim, Bera king of Sodom, Bersha king of Gomorrah, and Bela king of Zoar, went out to
          meet them, and they all joined together in the valley of Siddim.
XVI:4. And these nine kings made war in the valley of Siddim; and the kings of Sodom and
          Gomorrah were smitten before the kings of Elam.
XVI:5. And the valley of Siddim was full of lime-pits and the kings of Elam pursued the kings of
          Sodom, and the kings of Sodom with their camps fled and fell into the lime pits, and all that
          remained went to the mountain for safety, and the five kings of Elam came after them and
          pursued them to the gates of Sodom, and they took all that there was in Sodom.
XVI:6. And they plundered all the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and they also took Lot, Abramís
          brotherís son, and his property, and they seized all the goods of the cities of Sodom, and they
          went away; and Unic, Abramís servant, who was in the battle, saw this, and told Abram all
          that the kings had done to the cities of Sodom, and that Lot was taken captive by them.
XVI:7. And Abram heard this, and he rose up with about three hundred and eighteen men that were
          with him, and he that night pursued these kings and smote them, and they all fell before
          Abram and his men, and there was none remaining but the four kings who fled, and they
          went each his own road.
XVI:8. And Abram recovered all the property of Sodom, and he also recovered Lot and his property,
          his wives and little ones and all belonging to him, so that Lot lacked nothing.
XVI:9. And when he returned from smitting these kings, he and his men passed the valley of
          Siddim where the kings had made war together.
XVI:10. And Bera king of Sodom, and the rest of his men that were with him, went out from the 
          lime-pits into which they had fallen, to meet Abram and his men.


Commentary on Jasher XVI:1
(25 February 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       25 February 2009
Latest Update:           25 February 2009

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