Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 12:1-10.

XII:1. And when the king heard the words of Abram he ordered him to be put into prison; and
          Abram was ten days in prison.
XII:2. And at the end of those days the king ordered that all the kings, princes and governors of
          different provinces and the sages should come before him, and they sat before him, and
          Abram was still in the house of confinement.
XII:3. And the king said to the princes and sages, Have you heard what Abram, the son of Terah,
          has done to his father?  Thus has he done to him, and I ordered him to be brought before me,
          and thus has he spoken;
his heart did not misgive him, neither did he stir in my presence,
          and behold now he is confined in the prison.
XII:4. And therefore decide what judgment is due to this man who reviled the king; who spoke and
          did all the things that you heard.
XII:5. And they all answered the king saying, The man who revileth the king should be hanged
          upon a tree; but having done all the things that he said, and having despised our elohim, he
          must therefore be burned to death, for this is the law in this matter.
XII:6. If it pleaseth the king to do this, let him order his servants to kindle a fire both night and
          day in thy brick furnace, and then we will cast this man into it. And the king did so, and he
          commanded his servants that they should prepare a fire for three days and three nights in
          the king’s furnace, that is in Casdim; and the king ordered them to take Abram from prison
          and bring him out to be burned.
XII:7. And all the king’s servants, princes, lords, governors, and judges, and all the inhabitants of
          the land, about nine hundred thousand men, stood opposite the furnace to see Abram.
XII:8. And all the women and little ones crowded upon the roofs and towers to see what was doing
          with Abram, and they all stood together at a distance; and there was not a man left that did
          not come on that day to behold the scene.
XII:9. And when Abram was come, the conjurors of the king and sages saw Abram, and they cried
          out to the king, saying, Our sovereign lord, surely this is the man whom we know to have
          been the child at whose birth the great star swallowed the four stars, which we declared to the
          king now fifty years since.
XII:10. And behold now his father has also transgressed thy commands, and mocked thee by
          bringing thee another child, which thou didst kill.


Commentary on Jasher XII:1
(25 February 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       25 February 2009
Latest Update:           25 February 2009

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