Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 3:11-20.

III:11. And Enoch taught them wisdom, knowledge, and the ways of Yehuveh; and he made peace
          amongst them, and peace was throughout the earth during the life of Enoch.
III:12. And Enoch reigned over the sons of men two hundred and forty-three years, and he did justice
          and righteousness with all his people, and he led them in the ways of Yehuveh.
III:13. And these are the generations of Enoch, Methuselah, Elisha, and Elimelech, three sons; and
          their sisters were Melca and Naamah, and Methuselah lived eighty-seven years and he begat
III:14. And it was in the fifty-sixth year of the life of Lamech when Adam died; nine hundred and
          thirty years old was he at his death, and his two sons, with Enoch, and Methuselah his son,
          buried him with great pomp, as at the burial of kings, in the cave which
Elohim had told him.
III:15. And in that place all the sons of men made a great mourning and weeping on account of
          Adam; it has therefore become a custom among the sons of men to this day.
III:16. And Adam died because he ate of the tree of knowledge; he and his children after him, as
          Yehuveh Elohim had spoken.
III:17. And it was in the year of Adamís death which was the two hundred and forty-third year of
          the reign of Enoch, in that time Enoch resolved to separate himself from the sons of men and
          to secrete himself as at first in order to serve Yehuveh.  
III:18. And Enoch did so, but did not entirely secrete himself from them, but kept away from the
          sons of men three days and then went to them for one day.
III:19. And during the three days that he was in his chamber, he prayed to, and praised Yehuveh
          his Elohim, and the day on which he went and appeared to his subjects he taught them the
          ways of Yehuveh, and all they asked him about Yehuveh he told them.
III:20. And he did in this manner for many years, and he afterward concealed himself for six days,
          and appeared to his people one day in seven; and after that once in a month, and then once in
          a year, until all the kings, princes and sons of men sought for him, and desired again to see
          the face of Enoch, and to hear his word; but they could not, as all the sons of men were greatly
          afraid of Enoch, and they feared to approach him on account of the Elohim-like awe that was
          seated upon his countenance; therefore no man could look at him, fearing he might be
          punished and die.


Commentary on Jasher III:11
(25 February 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       25 February 2009
Latest Update:           25 February 2009

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