Commentary on
The Book of Jasher
Chapter 2:1-10.

II:1. And it was in the hundred and thirtieth year of the life of Adam upon the earth, that he again
          knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bare a son in his likeness and in his image, and she
          called his name Seth, saying, Because
Elohim has appointed me another seed in the place of
          Abel, for Cain has slain him.
II:2. And Seth lived one hundred and five years, and he begat a son; and Seth called the name of his
          son Enosh, saying, Because in that time the sons of men began to multiply, and to afflict their
          souls and hearts by transgressing and rebelling against Elohim.
II:3. And it was in the days of Enosh that the sons of men continued to rebel and transgress against
          Elohim, to increase the anger of
Yehuveh against the sons of men.
II:4. And the sons of men went and they served other elohims, and they forgot Yehuveh who had
          created them in the earth; and in those days the sons of men made images of brass and iron,
          wood and stone, and they bowed down and served them.
II:5. And every man made his elohim and they bowed down to them, and the sons of men forsook
          Yehuveh all the days of Enosh and his children; and the anger of Yehuveh was kindled on
          account of their works and abominations which they did in the earth.
II:6. And Yehuveh caused the waters of the river Gihon to overwhelm them, and he destroyed
          and consumed them, and he destroyed the third part of the earth, and notwithstanding this,
          the sons of men did not turn from their evil ways, and their hands were yet extended to do
          evil in the sight of Yehuveh.
II:7. And in those days there was neither sowing nor reaping in the earth; and there was no food for
          the sons of men and the famine was very great in those days.
II:8. And the seed which they sowed in those days in the ground became thorns, thistles and briers;
          for from the days of Adam was this declaration concerning the earth, of the curse of Elohim,
          which He cursed the earth, on account of the sin which Adam sinned before Yehuveh.
II:9. And it was when men continued to rebel and transgress against Elohim, and to corrupt their
          ways, that the earth also became corrupt.
II:10. And Enosh lived ninety years and he begat Cainan;


Commentary on Jasher II:1
(25 February 2009): 

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       25 February 2009
Latest Update:           25 February 2009

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