Commentary on Enoch’s Second Vision
from the Book of Enoch, Chapter 103:1-5.


Different Destinies of the Righteous and the Sinners:
     Fresh Objections of the Sinners

103:1  Now, therefore, I sware to you the righteous, by the glory of the Great and Honoured and
          Mighty One in dominion, and by His greatness I swear to you.

103:2  I know a mystery
              And have read the heavenly tablets,
              And have seen the holy books,
              And have found written therein and inscribed regarding them:
103:3  That all goodness and joy and glory are prepared for them,
              And written down for
the spirits of those who have died in righteousness,
              And that manifold good shall be given to you in recompense for your labours,
              And that your lot is abundantly beyond the lot of the living.
103:4  And the spirits of you who have died in righteousness shall live and rejoice,
             And their spirits shall not perish, nor their memorial
                    from before the face of the Great One
              Unto all the generations of the world: wherefore no longer fear their contumely.
103:5  Woe to you, ye sinners, when ye have died,
              If ye die in the wealth of your sins,
              And those who are like you say regarding you:
              “Blessed are the sinners: they have seen all their days.

103:1 T

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:         11 July 2006
Latest Update:               15 December 2011

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