Commentary on Enoch’s Second Vision
from the Book of Enoch, Chapter 95:1-7.


Enoch’s Grief: Fresh Woes Against the Sinners
95:1  Oh that mine eyes were a cloud of waters
              That I might weep over you,
              And pour down my tears as a cloud of waters:
              That so I might rest from my trouble of heart!
95:2  Who has permitted you to practice reproaches and wickedness?
              And so judgment shall overtake you, sinners.
95:3  Fear not the sinners, ye righteous;
              For again will Yehuveh deliver them into your hands,
              That ye may execute judgment upon them according to your desires.
95:4  Woe to you  who fulminate anathemas which cannot be reversed:
              Healing shall therefore be far from you because of your sins.
95:5  Woe to you who require your neighbor with evil;
              For ye shall be requited according to your works.
95:6  Woe to you, lying witnesses,
              And to those who weigh out injustice,
              For suddenly shall ye perish.
95:7  Woe to you, sinners, for ye persecute the righteous;
              For ye shall be delivered up and persecuted because of injustice,
              And heavy shall its yoke be upon you.

95:1 T

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:         11 July 2006
Latest Update:               15 December 2011

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