Commentary on Enoch’s Second Vision
from the Book of Enoch, Chapter 94:1-5.


Admonition to the Righteous
94:1  And now I say unto you, my sons, love righteousness and walk therein;
              For the paths of righteousness are worthy of acceptation,
              But the paths of unrighteousness shall suddenly be destroyed and vanish.
94:2  And to certain men of a generation shall the paths of violence and of death be revealed,
              And they shall hold themselves afar from them,
              And shall not follow them.
94:3.  And now I say unto you the righteous:
              Walk not in the paths of wickedness, nor on the paths of death,
              And draw not night to them, lest ye be destroyed.
94:4.  But seek and choose for yourselves righteousness and an elect life,
              And walk in the paths of peace,
              And ye shall live and prosper.
95:5  And hold fast my words in the thoughts of your hearts,
              And suffer them not to be effaced from your hearts;
              For know that sinners will tempt men to evilly-entreat wisdom,
              So that no place may be found for her,
              And no manner of temptation may minish.

94:1 T

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:         11 July 2006
Latest Update:               15 December 2011

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