Commentary on the
Book of Enoch, Chapter 84:1-3.


84:1  And
I lifted up my hands in righteousness and blessed the Holy and Great One, and spake
          with the breath of my mouth, and with the tongue of flesh, which
Elohim has made for the
          children of the flesh of men, that they should speak therewith, and He gave them breath
          and a tongue and a mouth that they should speak therewith:

84:2  ‘Blessed be Thou, O
Yehuveh, King,
              Great and mighty in Thy greatness,
              Yehuveh of the whole creation of the heaven,
              King of kings and Elohim of the whole world.
              And Thy power and
kingship and greatness abide for ever and ever,
              And throughout all generations Thy dominion:
              And all the heavens are Thy throne for ever,
              And the whole earth Thy footstool for ever and ever.
84:3  For Thou hast made and Thou rulest all things,
              And nothing is too hard for Thee,
              Wisdom departs not from the place of Thy throne,
              Nor turns away from Thy presence.
              And Thou knowest and seest and hearest everything,
              And there is nothing hidden from Thee for Thou seest everything.

84:1 T

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:         11 July 2006
Latest Update:                9 December 2011

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