Commentary on the
Book of Enoch, Chapter 76:1-7.


The Twelve Winds and Their Portals
76:1  And at the ends of the earth I saw twelve portals open to all the quarters of the heaven,
          from which the winds go forth and blow over the earth.
76:2  Three of them are open on the face
(east) of heaven, and three in the west, and three on
          the right
(south) of the heaven, and three on the left (north).
76:3  And the three first are those of the east, and three of the north, and three after those on
          the left of the south, and three of the west.
76:4  Through four of these come winds of blessing and prosperity, and from those eight come
          hurtful winds: when they are sent, they bring destruction o all the earth and on the water
          upon it, and on all who dwell thereon, and on everything which is in the water and on the
76:5  And the first wind from those portals, called the east wind, comes forth through the first
          portal which is in the east, inclining towards the south: from it comes forth desolation,
          drought, heat, and destruction.
76:6  And through the second portal in the middle comes what is fitting, and from it there come
          rain and fruitfulness and prosperity and dew; and through the third portal which lies toward
          the north come cold and drought.
76:7  And after these come forth the south winds through three portals: through the first portal
          of them inclining to the east comes forth a hot wind.

76:1 T

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:         11 July 2006
Latest Update:                7 December 2011

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