Commentary on the
Book of Enoch, Chapter 66:1-3.


The Angels of the Waters Bidden to Hold Them in Check
66:1  And after that he showed me the angels of punishment who are prepared to come and let
          loose all the powers of the waters which are beneath in the earth in order to bring
          judgment and destruction on all who abide and dwell on the earth.
66:2  And
Yehuveh of spirits gave commandment to the angels who were going forth, that
          they should not cause the waters to rise but should hold them in check; for those angels
          were over the powers of the waters.
66:3  And I went away from the presence of Enoch.

66:1 T

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:         11 July 2006
Latest Update:                4 December 2011

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