Commentary on the
Book of Enoch, Chapter 26:1-6.


Jerusalem and the Mountains, Ravines, and Streams
26:1  And I went from thence to the middle of the earth, and I saw a blessed place in which
          there were trees with branches abiding and blooming of a dismembered tree.
26:2  And there I saw a holy mountain, and underneath the mountain to the east there was a
          stream and it flowed toward the south.
26:3  And I saw towards the east another mountain higher than this, and between them a deep
          and narrow ravine: in it also ran a stream underneath the mountain.
26:4  And to the west thereof there was another mountain, lower than the former and of small
          elevation, and a ravine deep and dry between them: and another deep and dry ravine was at
          the extremities of the three mountains.
26:5  And all the ravines were deep and narrow being formed of hard rock, and trees were
          not planted upon them.
26:6  And I marveled at the rocks and I marveled at the ravine, yea, I marveled very much.

26:1 T

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:         11 July 2006
Latest Update:                1 December 2011

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