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Section I: Our Assignment
Article 1: What is It to Be Anointed?
             A practical summary of our assignment as given in Isaiah 61:1-3.
Article 2: Anointed to Preach Good Tidings to the Meek
             First Assignment: Restoring men to Yehuveh’s ways by living instruction.
Article 3: Anointed to Bind Up Broken Hearts
             Second Assignment: Genuinely healing heart pain--Yehuveh’s delicate work.
Article 4: Anointed to Proclaim Liberty
             Third Assignment: Yehuveh’s economic prosperity for rich and poor alike.
Article 5: Anointed to Open the Prisons
             Fourth Assignment: Prison has no place in Yehuveh’s ways of correcting wrongs.
Article 6: Anointed to Proclaim the Acceptable Year of Yehuveh
             Fifth Assignment: Yehuveh’s restoration of His people focuses on a single year!
Article 7: “Seventy Weeks” of Daniel 9: Ten Jubilees
             “Seventy weeks are cut off for your people.”
Article 8: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9: Covenant
              “He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.”
Article 9:  “A Great Wonder in Heaven”
             Sixth Assignment: What is the sign of Revelation 12:1, 2, 5? When does it occur?
Article 10: Anointed to Proclaim the Day of Vengeance
             Sixth Assignment: What and when is the Day of Vengeance of our Elohim?
Article 11: Iranian Missile Crisis
            What is the indignation, the Day of Yehuveh, the Day of Vengeance of our Elohim?
Article 12: “A Great Red Dragon”
             A practical view of the Great Red Dragon which only Yehuveh can destroy.
Article 13: Seven Heads with Blasphemous Names
             What is this creature with seven heads which have blasphemous names?
Article 14: Ten Horns with Crowns
             What are the ten horns and seven or ten crowns on this creature of Revelation 12?
Article 15: Anointed to Comfort Mourners
            Seventh Assignment: True comfort is founded in understanding Yehuveh’s mercy.
Yehuveh’s Historical Calendar Years of Returning (Darius) Explanation Year of Noah
Dated Outline
Years of Returning (Darius) Dates