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These are a few of the books we have found helpful along the way!

Keeping Yahweh’s Appointments. Jonathan David Brown. 
  Available from Jonathan Brown, P.O. Box 1718, Ozark, MO 65721.
  Available from
  or e-mail © 1998. Pb; 120 pp. $12.00 ppd.

        “This book discloses:
        “1. Evidence from Scripture that the seventh-day Sabbath has always been found in the quarters of
                the moon cycle . . . .
        “2. Evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls proving ancient Hebrews counted Sabbaths in the
                quarter-moons . . . .
        “3. Evidence from Scripture that the Apostle Paul’s writings uphold Yahweh’s Laws, including
                those on the Sabbbaths, contrary to what most seminaries teach about them . . . .
        “4. Evidence from history that our current seven-day cycle began at the ver earliest 515 B.C. and
                spread to Western Europe just prior to Yahshua’s birth . . . .
        “5. Evidence from history that the symbolic significance given to the number ‘7’ was derived
                from the moon changing its phases at intervals of approximately seven days . . . .
        “6. Evidence from the Prophets that we are headed for disaster if we don’t cease commerce-influenced
                behavior and return to Yahweh’s Natural Law, including His Appointments . . . .
        “7. Evidence from Scripture that His Remnant People shall return to them, at the restitution of
                all things, and it is their responsibility, in part, which will bring this about . . . .”

Seven Day Circle, The: The History and Meaning of the Week. Eviatar Zerubavel.
  The Free Press, A Division of Macmillan, Inc., 866 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022.
    ©1985. Hb; 206 pp. Available from
  ISBN 0-02-934680-0.

       The first chapter, “The Origins of the Seven-Day Week” lays the foundation of where we got a continuously counted seven-day week. While the author is mostly right, there are some statements which need serious reconsideration. However, his understanding of the motivation for a continuous week is accurate: “The dissociation of the week from the lunar cycle, is , therefore, the most significant breakthrough in the evolution of this cycle.” Scripturally, the week with its Sabbath was marked by the quarter-phases of the moon, and to dissociate the two was a separation from the Creator and His purposes for humanity. P. 10.

Gael Bataman 
Originally Written:        11 April 2006
Latest Update:              29 August 2007

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