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These are a few of the books we have found helpful along the way!

The Book of Jasher. Translated into English from the Hebrew, 1840.
  Available from Artisan Publishers, P. O. Box 1529, Muskogee, Oklahoma  74402.
  Phone: 918-682-8341. [caution: for some reason, clicking this link will not
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to this page]. ©1988. Pb; 254 pp. 
  Artisan Item Number: ALB00504; $12.00 plus $3.50 handling fee per order (add other Artisan books) 
  ISBN 0-934666-25-8.

   “The title (
The Book of Jasher) is literally, ‘the upright or correct record,’ but because the book was no known title, it as termed the ‘Book of Jasher;’ this has caused some persons, who are ignorant of the Hebrew language, to suppose that Jasher was the name of a prophet, or of one of the Judges of Israel.” This book, which details the events from Adam’s creation through the death of Joshua with greater detail than those given in the traditional Scriptures, is referenced in Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18, so was known to ancient Israel. “The most important value of this book is the large quantity of additional detail it gives to various accounts in the Old Testament.” Notes from the Translator’s Preface and the back cover.
This is a must-read for every sincere student of the Old Testament narrative of our beginnings. The insights will forever change your understanding of what has shaped us and where we will soon be returning. Just to whet your desire to read this text, consider the insights presented regarding Joseph’s reveling himself to his brothers in Egypt: At the meal in his home, Joseph had revealed himself to Benjamin but told him, “I am Joseph thy brother, reveal not this thing unto thy brethren; behold I will send thee with them when they go away, and I will command them to be brought back again into the city, and I will take thee away from them. And if they dare their lives and fight for thee, then shall I know that they have repented of what they did unto me, and I will make myself known to them, and if they forsake thee when I take thee, then shall thou remain with me, and I will wrangle with them, and they shall go away, and I will not become known to them.” In the continued discussion with his brothers after they return with his silver cup, he declined to restore Benjamin to Judah’s care, proposing, “Go and tell your father, an evil beast hath devoured him as you said concerning your brother Joseph.” When Judah refused to give up and continued to contend for Benjamin, Joseph proposed, “On this condition will I send your brother, if you will bring before me his brother the son of his mother, of whom you said that he had gone from you down to Egypt; and it shall come to pass when you bring unto me his brother I will take him in his stead, because not one of you was security for him to your father, and when he shall come unto me, I will then send with you his brother for whom you have been security.” The entire book is rich in such additional detail and insight. Jasher LIII:21-22; LIV:32, 62.

Gael Bataman 
Originally Written:        11 April 2006
Latest Update:              27 August 2007

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