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Yehuveh’s Historical Calendar

Years of Returning (Darius)
        As you examine the following information, especially consider the
times and events which happened during the Second Year of Returning (Darius), the Third Year of Returning (Darius), and the Fifth through Sixth Years of Returning (Darius) and the Sabbatical Year of Deliverance.
Notes: The information presented here is easier to visualize when presented as a linear graphic chart. Print a copy of the Summary Chart on a sheet of legal paper and spread it out before you for perspective as you examine each year. Then, slowly read the information Noted for each year and each date. Also prayerfully read the entire Scripture section that relates to each date several times to savor the significance.
         All dates in these documents are determined using
EZE COSMOS, a simple computer Astronomy program, for the visibility of the moon over Jerusalem. Since we are supposed to determine dates by observing them starting with each New Moon, not by calculating them ahead, these dates are necessarily approximate. Furthermore, observations are made locally, which will often vary from visibility over Jerusalem. Most likely these dates are correct because of the accuracy of the software, nevertheless, all information herein is still just an estimate correct within a day. 
        So much of the prophecies of
Zechariah, Ezekiel, and Daniel deal with signs in the heavens, and we have been robbed of much of this knowledge. Few of us know even a smattering of Astronomy. Furthermore, these Scriptures are translated very badly and in such a manner that the information we should have is hidden in strange expressions. With this double obscurity, it’s not surprising we know so little of what Yehuveh intended us to understand. [If you have opportunity, I encourage you to get a good star map and a pen light and go out on as many evenings as possible and start to learn the constellations and stars. It is part of our lost heritage and, according to Psalms 74:9, not knowing these things is a large part of why we are floundering: “We see not our signs: there is no more any prophet: neither is there among us any that knoweth how long.” We can learn!

Ezekiel’s Years--the 70 Years of Zechariah 1:12-13
        Seventeen times in the book of
Ezekiel, information is given in reference to specific dates. Bringing this information into the present is a fascinating insight into Scriptural prophecy and its amazing application. The Introduction provides explanation, research notes and Scriptural foundation.

Noah’s Year of Deliverance
        The dated sequence of events from the second month of
the seventh or Sabbatical Year through the second month of the Jubilee Year are encoded in Genesis 7-8. Yehuveh has laid out these events that we might understand what we have watched and have confidence in Him throughout these terrible earth-shattering disasters. While Yehuveh’s people will trust Him throughout this time, nonetheless Enoch states that even they will experience fear as these events unfold:

                I:5  “And
all shall be smitten with fear,
the Watchers shall quake,             (all those who are aware of Yehuveh’s workings)
great fear and trembling shall seize them unto the ends of the earth,
                I:6  “And the high mountains shall be shaken,
                       And the high hills shall be made low,
                       And shall melt like wax before the flame.
                I:7  “And the earth shall be wholly rent in sunder,
                       And all that is upon the earth shall perish,
                       And there shall be a judgment upon all.
                I:8  “But
with the righteous He will make peace,
                       And will protect the elect,
                       And mercy shall be upon them.”
Enoch 1:5-8.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:            
30 March 2006
Latest Update:                   19 August 2011

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