Section 8: Anointed Assignment, Article 5

Anointed to
Open the Prisons

“The Spirit of Yehuveh Elohim is upon me;
because Yehuveh hath anointed me to . . .
proclaim . . . the opening of the prison
to them that are bound. . . .”
Isaiah 61:1.

hat should I have done?” Jeff's letter lay open on my desk. I picked it up and read it again: “Recently I gave my life to Yehuveh and determined I would never fight again. It’s especially hard to keep that commitment in here. About mid morning I was sitting alone in my cell,
reading, when two  guys came in and started taunting me. I stayed focused on my book and hoped they would go away. I was praying really hard. One of them hit me; I didn’t look up. The other slapped my head. I still didn’t respond. The first guy slugged my arm really hard. I didn’t flinch, just kept praying. What made it so hard was I knew I could easily have whipped both of them, together. But I just sat there and prayed even harder.
        “Then the most amazing thing happened. I don’t know if Yehuveh answered my prayers or if my not responding scared these guys, but they suddenly turned and left my cell in a hurry. No one bothered me after that. Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot. Did I do the right thing?
What should I have done?”
        How could I answer Jeff’s question? I had never been where he was; I had never dealt with what he faced. I finally wrote back: “Jeff, you may have given these guys the first picture of
Yehuveh’s ways which either of them have ever seen. They will never forget their encounter with you that day!”

Yehuveh Never Planned Prisons
        Humanity is exceedingly far from Yehuveh’s original plan for either individuals or societies. Without right instruction and personal commitment, alsmost all of mankind is selfish, rude, greedy, inconsiderate, cruel, and violent. Human governments have been developed to “protect” people from one another and to compel them to limit their selfish conduct toward each other.
        With no better means of enforcing their usurped governing power, men have employed confinement to prevent particularly evil individuals from continuing their hurtful course. However, these developments have never resolved the problem. Rather, prisons and jails, themselves the inventions of men disconnected from Yehuveh, have ever been one of the greatest curses to mankind.
Never, in all His commandments and instructions, has Yehuveh permitted His people to employ this form of “discipline” or “correction” to right the wrongs of others.
        To call the prison-jail system a “correctional facility” is beyond absurd. Caging men and women like animals, depriving them of association with family or access to useful labor neither corrects nor educates. While a few men and women may indeed benefit from “having time to think about what they have done,” for the most part such confinement merely provokes worse responses, while at the same time causing immeasurable hardship for the families involved. Deprived of gainful employment and family society, imprisonment often amplifies the very qualities it is humanly intended to correct.

Gael Bataman          
Originally Written:     19 August 2005
Latest Update:           10 January 2010

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