Section 7: Deeper Wisdom, Article 3

Ezekiel 1: Astrology Primer

“As for the likeness of their faces,
they four had the face of a man,
and the face of a lion, on the right side:
and they four had the face of an ox on the left side
they four also had the face of an eagle.”
Ezekiel 1:10.

A s I sat alone in a small trauck stop restaurant reading my first book on Astrology the internal conflict was intense. My ultra-conservative childhood family and church training absolutely forbade my reading such a book.  Yet I felt there were essential insights here that I somehow
needed.  So in spite of my trained hostility to this information, my immediate “need to know” keenly outweighed my anxiety.
        The words and symbols were strange and foreign. I was spending much more time writing notes in my research notebook than I was reading. “Sagittarius.” “Mutable.” “Degrees of arc.” It seemed that I would have had an easier time learning an Indian dialect! Still I felt compelled to patiently examined each word and concept.
        Any savvy passing onlooker might have been amused. I had an open Bible on the table beside me as I read—open to
Ezekiel 1, of course—and I had one hand lying on the pages. Somehow, subconsciously, I must have expected this familiar accepted book to protect me, perhaps a sort of physical and spiritual defense.
        In our employment-travels we were in this town only briefly and in the small motel where we were temporarily living there was no quiet nook where I could read in the early morning while my husband slept. So for several mornings I had taken refuge in this truck stop restaurant where I could retreat to a far corner with a cup of hot water and my books. Jenny, the portly middle-aged waitress who worked the early morning shift, had become accustomed to me and, after her initial morning greeting, mostly left me to myself. Not so this morning, however.
        As I carefully recorded another new insight into my notebook, I suddenly became aware of someone standing behind my left shoulder. I glanced up.
        “Get rid of
that book.” Jenny’s stern voice startled me. In spite of realizing her presence, I was unprepared for her energy! “You know you’ll go to hell for reading such stuff!” She echoed the uncompromising intensity I would have expected from my parents or childhood pastor or teachers! I laid down my pen and partially turned to face her.
        “It’s just information,” I lamely protested. “I read a great variety of books from which, once I have pondered their insights and value, I move on. This isn’t my usual fare.”      
         Unimpressed, Jenny repeated her passionate warning with greater intensity: “Get rid of
that book. You are on very dangerous ground!”
        “That’s what my parents always said, too,” I assured her. “Can you explain why?”
        Leaning close to my ear, now nearly in a whisper, Jenny sputtered: “It’s the Devil’s book! Get rid of it before you destroy your soul. If your parent’s taught you so well, why did you even buy it?”
Boy did those words sound familiar!
        “Somehow it has information which relates to
Ezekiel,” was the only answer I could formulate under her intense scrutiny. “I’m trying to make sense of Ezekiel 1.”
        “Well then get yourself a
Concordance, not an Astrology book!” With neither compromise or leniency in face or words, Jenny repeated her admonition: “Get rid of that book before it damns you!”    
        Speech ended, the woman walked over to pour coffee for three truckers at a booth by the front windows. I sat stunned.
        In that instant something amazing happened. Rather than intensify my already-present concerns, this episode suddenly and totally set me free! I had just listened to “voices” from my past and confronted them! Amazingly, in those brief seconds of exchange I had actually heard the crippled and groundless protests from my early training and identified such intolerance as simple prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-minded fear, not intelligent consideration. This stranger’s rant had opened a door for me which I could never have pried open!


Gael Batama
Originally Written:    
26 September 2005
Latest Update:          
13 February 2011       

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