Section 6: Opened Prophecy, Article 14

Proclaiming Liberty
in the Jubilee Year

“The Spirit of Yehuveh Elohim is upon me;
because Yehuveh hath anointed me to . . .
proclaim liberty to the captives . . . .”
Isaiah 61:1.

im and Lindsey had set out with such exciting dreams. In their anticipation, the property they had purchased, when fully developed, would allow them to live in the country and make a good living on their own land. They had worked hard to put in two wells, two well-placed roads, a starter barn, and
the first of their fruit trees. Together they had cleaned up large segments of the woods, staked out the house site, planted a vast iris bed and seeded a hillside with ginseng. Each step had been carefully planned and painstakingly executed. The hours they had spent on the land were some of their happiest.
        Then the mishaps! First was Lindsey’s fall. As they were putting up the last fascia board on the back of the barn her extension ladder had slipped and she had fallen more than seventeen feet. Lindsey had landed on her back and though she had not broken her neck or back nor incurred any major internal injuries, she was unable to move freely or lift anything for weeks. Emergency room costs, x-rays and scans, two days of hospital care, and another seven weeks at home recovering totally changed their activities and their finances.
        Lindsey knew she was indeed fortunate, for the injuries were minor to what they could have been, but nonetheless it brought their project to a temporary halt. Kindly neighbors helped Jim finish the last few details on the barn, but together Jim and Lindsey accomplished nothing more during the next three months.
        Finally Lindsey was “back on her feet,” arrangements had been made for paying the hospital and doctor bills, and Jim and Lindsey were hopeful that they could finally return to their dream goals. Then the second twist of fate. Unexpectedly, Jim’s Dad was diagnosed with total blockage of his left main coronary artery and scheduled for immediate heart by-pass surgery. When Jim’s Mom called with the news she told him the Doctor had cautioned that his Dad might never “come off the table” alive. Immediately Jim and Lindsey dropped everything and headed for his family home. 
        Jim’s Dad came through the surgery, but with complications and a punctured lung due to a medical mistake he was in the hospital for more than a month. Jim and Lindsey stayed to help and support his Mom throughout the ordeal. By the time they returned home it was fall and they were in serious financial difficulty as they came into the winter season. Jim picked up some extra work and they prayerfully pondered how they were to recover from these set-backs.
        “Do you ever just wish
Yehuveh would deliver us from all these problems,” Lindsey asked one morning as they were driving to Jim’s job. “I’m so overwhelmed with all that has happened.”
        Jim returned a knowing smile. He was a patient man, but frustration was now evident in his face. They had worked so intensely and so faithfully, and now they seemed to be against a brick wall. “Sometimes . . . .” As his voice trailed off, Lindsey glanced to see what was going on in his expressions. Then he asked the question which would haunt them both for years to come:
From what do you want to be delivered?”
        Jim looked at Lindsey with an intensity she had rarely seen in his face. “Think about it. Is it just from present financial difficulties that we want relief? Is it really?
At the deepest level, from what do you really want to be delivered?”

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:    
15 August 2005
Latest Update:          
11 April 2010

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