Section 6: Opening Prophecy, Article 13

All the Wicked Cut Off

“Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright:
for the end of that man is peace.
But the transgressors shall be destroyed together:
the end of the wicked shall be cut off.”
Psalms 37:37-38.

on’t erase it yet, ple-e-e-e-e-e-ease!” Jamie pleaded, and immediately a chorus of other students chimed in. Dr. Chambers paused, eraser poised in mid-air, and turned to look over the class. An amused smile played on his lips. We were writing notes as fast as possible and still couldn’t keep
up. He was an excellent Organic Chemistry instructor and usually spoke and wrote at a speed suited to our pace, but not today. We were nearing spring break and he seemed intent on including extra material before we had a week off. Thus his unusual hurry. We were all having trouble.
        Dr. Chambers was a distinguished professor, though now he was long past retirement age. Rumor had it that he read a new chemistry textbook every week. We knew him as an exceptionally thorough and careful instructor, drawing on a wide variety of illustrations and explanations. His broad reading kept him on the cutting edge of new insights.
        Our beloved professor laid down the
eraser and patiently waited until most of the class stopped writing and looked up. Finally he again had our attention; then his teasing smile broke into full humor. “You have it easy!” he stated. “I only teach with the chalk in my hand!”
        What a strange statement! We gave each other puzzled glances. Dr. Chambers proceeded to tell us of a professor he had in graduate school, a man named Mr. Hathaway. “He always wrote with chalk in his right hand and an
eraser in his left. As he wrote formulae and information on the board with his right hand we had until his left hand reached the words before they were gone. We all developed our own forms of shorthand, most quite illegible!”
        “Wow! Glad we have you instead,” Karen spoke up in the back of the class. “I’d be for hiding all his
        “As I said, you have it easy with me!” Dr. Chambers repeated, an indulgent grin on his face. Then dropping the recollection, he resumed his lecture: “Any questions before we continue?”
        “Only one,” Ted was leaning back in his chair studying the remaining notes on the chalkboard, “could we all just get copies of your notes and save on writer’s cramp?”
        “Yeah!” a dozen other voices “seconded” the idea.
        Dr. Chambers shook his head, then added, “You know the definition of higher education, don’t you? The successful transfer of my notes to your notebooks without them ever passing through your heads. Having my notes would only further defeat my purpose in teaching, and I’d be out of a job!” He turned back to the board and
erased all the notes.

Erasing for a Purpose
        There are lots reasons for
erasing and emptying things. Grade school student use erasers to correct mistakes in their writing and spelling and arithmetic problems. Drs. Chambers and Hathaway erased information from the chalkboard to make space for additional instruction. A computer permits material to be deleted for correction and adjustment. Dry cleaners remove stains to preserve quality garments. Garages and attics get cleaned and sorted. Store inventory is put on clearance to make room for new merchandise. In dozens of other ways things are rubbed out, deleted, blotted out, censored, removed, cleansed, wiped away, expunged, obliterated, annihilated, eradicated, demolished, extinguished, exterminated, edited out, and otherwise erased.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:     27 August 2007   
Latest Update:             5 March 2012

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